The IEG Driver Recruiting System

Our system is centered around 4 main goals:

  1. to track drivers on a long term basis with the ability to repeatedly contact them,
  2. to easily track advertising or call source,
  3. to track recruiter performance, and
  4. to allow the collection of enough data produce a pre-employment DOT file.

Save hours collecting Pre-Employment Driving History Release Authorizations;
Make Quicker Job Offers to the Best Candidates

Whatever pre-employment background screening method you use, you need the authorization of the prospective employee to run the background check.

Through our partner, Driver SignUp, we collect the signature and the authorization to run employment background checks right when the drver applies, allowing you to make a quicker offer to the best candidates.

Below are sample releases. We also produce copies of the employment application, complete with signature, and complete orientation packages.

drug alcohol release thimbnail
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psp release form
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IEG has answered the Driver Recruiting needs of trucking companies with a recruiting package specifically made for them. Over the course of the last 10 years it has been designed to incorporate the working knowledge of hundreds of recruiters and their management. Driver Recruiting automates multiple common tasks such as importing web applications of truck drivers, requesting DAC reports, and sending mass mailings. It is designed with maximum flexibility and can be customized by each user.

Some of the system highlights include:

  1. Automated interfaces to web truck driver application providers, DAC, and advertisers.
  2. Manager Dashboard for instantaneous tracking of recruiter workload and performance.
  3. Real-time advertising effectiveness management dashboard.
  4. Consistent data to provide accurate and timely reports.
  5. Advanced search that allows recruiters to get pull up groups of drivers for contact by phone, mass mail, or email.
  6. Reliable multi-tiered design with data you own, control and can export to other systems.

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Click here to see the driver recruiting brochure.