Driver Recruiting and Pre-Employment Module Features

Recruiting and Pre Employment Screening 

The recruiting and pre-employment recruiting module is a comprehensive system that incorporates the working knowledge of hundreds of recruiters and their management. The system is designed to automate multiple common tasks such as importing web applications of truck drivers, requesting DAC reports, sending mass mailings, previous employer verifications, etc. It is designed with maximum flexibility and  to allow end user customization. The system is centered around 4 main goals: 1) to track drivers on a long term basis with the ability to repeatedly contact them, 2) to easily track advertising or call source, 3) to track recruiter performance, and 4) to allow the collection of enough data produce a printable pre-employment DOT file. 

System highlights include:

System highlights include:

Import of Web Applications -

Manager Dashboard - The dashboard allows managers to see how recruiters, processors, companies, and ads are performing in real-time. For recruiter and processors, items tracked include last time active, last change time, drivers assigned and not hired, drivers hired, drivers entered, drivers changed, number of active diaries, number of diaries archived today, DAC updates, no DAC requests, unverified employers, employment status changes, and previous employer record changes. Items tracked for ads include call count, first call date, last call date, cost per call, and cost per hire.

USIS Data Exchange – All required driver data entered into IEG can be automatically inserted into the required fields in the USIS screens. Reports are automatically inserted into IEG and attached to the driver as soon as they are ready. 

Import of Advertising Plan - This function allows the weekly or monthly ad plan to be imported directly into the "Ad Responded To" screen. Full details like ad cost, run dates, publication, city, state, and copy are imported. Instant online reports provide the user with information on ad response including number of calls, number of hires, cost per call and hire, and quality of call. The Hightower Agency is the major user of this feature, but we welcome and encourage all advertisers to implement this service.

Online Signature - Driver signatures and authorization forms can be electronically captured, stored, and attached to outgoing forms to speed up the pre employment verification.

Printable Data Grids - Any user can get an ad hoc listing from the recruiting system even if there is no preformatted report. All data grids can be filtered and printed with just one click.

Employment Gaps and Overlaps – This popup window gives a graphical picture of a driver’s gaps in employment. The dates of employment given by the driver and the dates given by the previous employer are graphed separately. This screen provides an instant view into the drivers previous work history. A with printable justification can be printed as an application supplement.

Tracking of Recruits from First Contact in Through Orientation and Training - Drivers can be tracked from the initial phone call through orientation, through training, and even after termination. Date specific orientation and training lists can be viewed on line or printed on demand. The Employment and Safety Compliance module extends the tracking throughout employment.

Advertising Tracking - Each caller can easily be attached to an advertisement. This allows reporting on the effectiveness of all current ads. When coupled with the qualification code, the quality of callers responding to each ad can be  determined.

Long Term Tracking of Callers - If an applicant is currently unavailable or unqualified they can be placed in the diary for call back in any specified period of time, a week, a month, a year, or longer.

Recall of Eligible Terminated Drivers - If a driver terminates for some reason and they are eligible for re-hire, they can be scheduled to be re-contacted on a systematic basis

Integrated Diary and Call Back Function - The diary/activity scheduler allows any user to schedule future activities. These activities can be attached to a driver and to a recruiter or other application processor. Any activity can be scheduled such as a  reminder to call a driver back on a certain day, or a reminder to make sure a requirement is fulfilled.

A ‘respond back’ feature allows activities to be sent from on user to another. Anyone sending an activity to another user can request a response back. Upon completion, any diary that is marked for response in moved back on the diary list of the one who originally sent the task. It can then be reviewed and then transferred to history. A history of all diary records can be displayed and sorted for any recruiter, processor, or driver. This function provides a framework for workflow.

The diary also allows standard letters and forms to be scheduled and printed at some future date.

Recruiter Performance Tracking - Reports can be generated to quantify the performance of each recruiter. If coupled with Risk Management, the quality of recruits coming through each recruiter can be measured far into the future by the frequency and severity of accidents, incident and cargo claims.

Owner/Owner Operator Tracking - Compete information on owners, their equipment, contract information, and insurance details can be tracked within the system. Multiple drivers can be attached to an owner within the system to allow for owner/operator fleet recruiting.

Access to 'Drivers In Process' Information - The progress of any recruit within hiring process can be listed with a single screen. Details about employment verification, USIS reports or MVRs are listed with each driver. This listing can act as a work list and detail data on each driver can be accessed or changed from this screen.

Automated Form Letter, Mailing Label and email production  - The system allows the point and click mail merge to company forms,  letters, and emails. These forms and mailings are created and maintained within the system and can be printed, reprinted, or scheduled to print at a future date through the activity scheduler. The system also allows the printing of mass mailings to groups of drivers by driver type, qualification code, call date, zip codes, or other user defined sorts.

Driving School Tracking - Each recruit can be easily attached to a driving school. Detailed information can be collected on each school. When coupled with Risk Management the quality of a school can be tracked by how many accidents, incidents, or other types of claims students from their school have when compared to other schools.

DOT requirement tracking - Periodic DOT requirements can be set up and monitored within the system. Items such as annual reports, notices of annual physicals or annual violation certificates can be scheduled to print on specified dates. These functions are replaced by the ‘Employment and Safety Module’ if both modules are in production.

Quick Entry Pre Qualification Screen - Single screen, point and click questions allow recruiters to quickly categorize and qualify applicants.

On-line Company Benefit Prompts - Recruiters can call a pop-up listing of company benefits such as pay scales, company benefits, bonus plans, and any other special item that might make your company attractive. These prompts are defined by each company and can be updated at any time.

Long Term Tracking of Undesirable Callers - Each caller is attached to a 'qualification code'. All the data and reports associated with this caller are maintained within the database. If this person ever calls in again, they can be quickly and easily identified by name or social security number and quickly rejected.

SQL Database – All IEG programs are written to be used over an ANSI standard SQL database. ODBC access allows easily defined ad hoc and special reports through tools such as Crystal Reports™, or extracts to external files or systems.

Driver Inquiry of Company Benefits Recap – This section provides two main benefits. It provides recruiters a quick reference for frequently ask questions. It also allows the user to quickly attach interests and questions to drivers. For example, if a caller asks about equipment, the medical plan, or any other company benefit or policy, the recruiter simply clicks on that category and the interest is recorded in the drivers history file. This list of interests can be used when returning a calling the prospective driver, in mass mailings, or even when building the initial application packet.

Hiring Zones By Zip Code – At the moment of the initial call, the system will check the database for the most desirable and the least desirable hiring zones based upon the caller’s zip code. A color code signals the recruiter about the callers zone. Each company can assign any number or color coded hiring zones.

E-mail – The system can generate standard or custom e-mails to any particular driver or in mass to multiple drivers by driver type, zip code range, or other user defined criteria. The e-mail can be built on the fly with pre-built paragraphs that match the interests the driver mentioned during the interview.

Mass Mailing by Zip Code Range - Mass mailings can be done to any group of drivers by zip code area. Multiple zip code blocks can be chosen to receive any mailing. The driver type, a date range that the call was received and driver qualification can also be specified.

Previous Employers Verification – The employment history section allows for the collection of all needed data on previous employers.  Requests for verification forms can be produced in an electronic or paper form and sent to via mail, email, or fax. Upon return the complete verifications can be attached to the drivers file in within the attachments section. 

A database of common employers can be built and can contain all the contact information and release requirements. This data can be used to automatically fill in the address, phone numbers, and contact names in the previous employer records.  

Orientation Form Packet Printing – The system can print all the forms normally completed by the driver during the hiring process. Both preprinted forms and custom forms can be generated and ready for orientation. The name, address, phone number, SSN, previous employers, etc. can be pre-printed with the forms and given to the driver. The driver simply fills out miscellaneous information and/or signs the form.  

User Defined Questionnaires – The system allows an unlimited number of user defined questionnaires to be attached every driver. These questionnaires can be related to drivers information, recruiter/processor checklists, or for reminders during employment.

User Defined Advanced Searches - The system allows an unlimited of user defined searches accessible from within the driver listings. These searches return an electronic work list of drivers that match the search criteria of the search. The detail for each driver is available from the list.

Windows95™/NT™/2000/XP™/Vista/7 Compatible – Single user or Multi-Tier Package - Driver Recruiting is designed and written to be used in a stand alone, LAN, WAN, Internet environments. The client software runs on Windows95™, WindowsNT™, Windows2000™,  Windows XP™, Windowos Vista, and WIndows 7 platform and will interface with the AS400 for data exchange.

Pre Employment Data Groups Collected

  • Previous Employers
  • Pre-Employment Accidents
  • Pre-Employment Violations
  • DAC Requests and Reports
  • Personal References
  • Driver Training
  • Orientation
  • Related Record Attachments including  but not limited to pictures, scanned images, pdf files, jpg files, etc.
  • Criminal History
  • Equipment and Cargo experience
  • Pre-Employment Education
  • User Defined Fields
  • User Defined Questionnaires

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