Employment and Safety Screening Module Features

Employment and Safety

The driver employment and safety modules provides a single screen view of a drivers performance, work related events, and compliance activities. This single screen can standalone or pull together data from the dispatch software driver files and IEG’s risk management database to give quick access to any driver’s safety and performance.  In combination with IEG’s Pre-Employment and Recruiting system a complete, paperless, printable, DOT driver qualification file can be maintained online.

All the features in the Employment and Safety system can be secured based upon a user’s authority.  

Module features include:

Module features include:

Interfaces to Dispatch/HR Files – Interfaces to all the most popular commercial dispatch software are available and can eliminate duplicate entry to keep driver data in sync in both systems. If no related software exists, the module can stand alone and driver data can be entered and modified through the ‘general info’ tab. 

Random Name Generator - The random name generator allows the user to pull drivers or other employees into a selection pool. A selection program randomly selects names from that pool. Any percentage between 1% and 99% can be used as the selection criteria. Reports can be generated by employee name, supervisor name, terminal ID, or by fleet manager. The selected names can be fed to the drug test section within the Safety System.

Violation Tracking - This section allows the user to enter and track violations, associated dates, venues, and fine amounts. Each of these violations can be assigned to an internal user or supervisor. Points can be assigned to each violation type. This information is fed to the Driver Profile.

DOT On Road Inspection - The road side inspection section allows the entry of inspection and violation data on any DOT inspection. The data can be sorted by drivers, equipment, or violation types, including out of service violations. This information is fed to the Driver Profile.

Observation Reports - The observation report section collects the data on any observation report for any driver. This data can be fed to the Driver Profile

Automated Forms, Letters, and Emails - The mail merge program allows the user to establish letters and forms and to easily merge them to employees. There are standard forms which can be used ‘as is’ or modified to reflect individual company preferences. In addition, the end user can define additional letters documents. A record of all generated correspondence is kept with driver’s profile.

Diary and Automated Activity Scheduler - The activity scheduler allows any user to establish appointments or diary activities. These activities can be set up as a personal reminder or they can be sent from one user to another. Activities can be established with activity and response memos. Activities sent to others can be marked with a response required so that when completed they will return to the diary list of the person who send to activity.

Drug Tests - The drug test program works in conjunction with the random name generator or by itself. The data collected includes dates scheduled, dates completed, results, and reasons for testing.

Awards and Training – Awards and training records can be attached to drivers with the type of award/training, the date and a description.

Emergency Contacts – Contact information for multiple individuals or associates can be attached to ever driver.

User Defined Fields – If company specific data items need to be collected, user defined fields can be established and attached to every driver.

Log Violations – The log violation section allows the collection of violation data on both time card and log drivers.

Driver Profile - The purpose of the driver profile program is to provide the user with a quick, printable overview of a drivers performance in a single screen or report.

This section can have two automated feeds and one manual feed. The first automated feed is from Risk Management. It provides data on all accidents, incidents, OS&D’s, and Worker’s Comp claims. The second feed is from Driver Recruiting. It provides data about who recruited this driver, who this driver has trained and who trained this driver. The manual feed allows the user to establish categories for manual entry. These categories could include awards, training classes, observation reports, call in complaints, or data from other data tabs.

Expirations - The expiration tracking section allows the tracking of any expiration any employee might have. For drivers this could be a CDL, a physical, or annual review. Users can define any number of expiration types to track. The expiration data can include what is expiring, when it expires, and a memo for notes regarding the expiration. This information is fed to the driver profile.


Compliance – The compliance section allows the recording of reviews, policy violations, etc

Hazmat/Emergency Script - The hazmat/emergency script allows the user to establish a predetermined outline of response to hazmat spills or other emergencies. This script can contain details about who to notify and how they are to be notified. All contingencies and guidelines can be included.

Attachments – The attachments section allows scanned images, forms, pictures, pdf files, spreadsheets, letters, etc. to be stored, viewed, and printed as a part of a driver’s file.

Miscellaneous Incidents – The Miscellaneous Incidents section allow for collection of dates, comments, categories of various incidents like citizen complaints/praises, customer complaints/praises, performance observations, etc.

Accidents – The accident section allows the collection of data on accidents and incidents including accident type, preventable, DOT reportable, injuries, fatalities, and descriptions. This section can be turned off when the Risk Management system is present.

PointsThe driver point section pulls together points from all the different date entry screens and modules into a single printable list. Both positive and negative points can be assigned to a drivers point list. The list can be limited by date range.


WINK- WINSLOW, KEVIN MARK                          Printed: 08/01/2008 by SYSDBA

  Description                   Date                  Points

  ======================        ==============        =========
  Awards/Training                                       -85
    Equipment and Yard Sign-up  07/06/2006               -5
    Fire Extinguisher Training  07/06/2006               -5
    Annual Re-Orientation       10/06/2007              -10
    Defensive Driving Course    04/24/2008              -10
    Million Mile Award          07/25/2006              -50
    Annual Re-Orientation       06/09/2009               -5
  Violations                                             35
    Registration-none/expired   09/08/2006                5
    Speeding 10 MPH Over        09/08/2006               10
    Speeding 10 MPH Over        11/19/2008               10
    Speeding 10 MPH Over        03/11/2009               10
  Accidents                                              55
    Lost Cargo                  09/15/1998               25
    Stuck/Mud/Snow-Tow Out      01/11/1999                5
    Ran Off Rd.                 04/15/2008               25
  Total                                                 -15


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