Risk Management Reports

Outstanding Reserves - The outstanding reserve report list all outstanding reserves within a date range and a reserve range for any or all companies within the system.

OSHA Log - The OSHA log is an report which pulls together the data from worker injury and work restriction files. This report is compliant in both format and content to satisfy OSHA.

Negative Outstanding Reserves - The negative outstanding reserve report provides a listing of all files with a negative outstanding reserve for any reserve type. This report is only necessary if you have opted to allow payments in excess of reserves in the ‘Reserve Type Setup Table’.

Average Time From Occurrence To Report - The Average Time From Occurrence To Report listing allows you to see how long it is taking report an accident.

Diary Listing - The diary listing allows any user to get a paper copy of their diary for any day or group of days.

DOT Accident Register - The DOT accident register provides the listing with the information required by the DOT on accidents and incidents.

Accident Log - The accident log is a listing of all occurrences between any two dates. The report includes accident types, drivers, reserve, and paid. This report can be limited to any type of claim or accident type.

Pre-Claims Without Claims - This listing prints a listing of all pre-claim registers which have not been used to create an actual claim.

Accident Breakdown by Categories - The Accident Breakdown By Categories provides information on number or accidents by day of week, time of day, length of service, by driver age, by weather conditions, by road conditions, by terminal, and by accident type. Each of these categories is broken down by numbers of occurrences and by a percentage of each item as compared to a total. The report is done on any specified date range on any or all companies.

Reports By Terminal - Reports By Terminal - This is a listing by accident type of all occurrences within a date range for any or all terminals.

Accidents By Fleet Manager - This is a listing by accident type of all occurrences within a date range for any or all fleet managers.

Accidents By Driver Manager - This is a listing by accident type of all occurrences within a date range for any or all driver managers.

Claims By Adjuster - The Claims By Adjuster lists all open claims for any or all adjusters.

Claimant Inventory By Reserve Amount - This report lists the number of claimants for each reserve type. The breakdown for each reserve type is broken down into amount columns, i.e., 0-$500, $501-$1000, $1001-$2500, $2501-$5000, $5001-$10,000, $10001-$25000, $25001-$50,000, and greater than $50,000. This report gives you a true picture of your claimant inventory by reserve type and reserve amount.

Expected Recoveries - This report lists the amount of expected recoveries by claim number, the salver or subrogee, the expected recovery amount, and any amounts paid against the expected amounts.

Accidents Per Million Miles - Accidents Per Million Miles - This report gives a break down of accidents per million miles.

Claims Without Adjusters - Claims Without Adjusters - This listing shows any claims which have not been assigned to an adjuster to be worked.

Claim Jacket - This report lists all data on all screens including comments, reserves, claimants, equipment, and litigation. If there is an entry field in the system it is printed on this report. This is available from inside the claim master.

Accidents by Length of Service - This report prints a listing of all occurrences within a specified data range. It allows the user to specify a claim type. It also allows a range of employment lengths starting with 0 - 999 months of service and ending with 0 - 999 months of service.

Claim Activity Report - This report allows either payment or reserve increase and decrease activity between any two dates for any reserve type.

Claim Litigation Report - A detail listing of all claims in litigation and printed with or without all litigation specific comments and with or without all other file comments.

Re-Insurance Recoveries - This listing shows all claims what have penetrated the specific or aggregate reserve levels for each treaty or policy.

Claims By Customer - The Claims by Customer (shippers, consignees, or third parties) provides a listing of all cargo claims for any or all customers within an given date range.

Two Period Comparison Reports - The Two Period Comparison provides a comparison of two date ranges. This report allows comparison of any two periods including months, years or quarters. The periods can be concurrent, consecutive or overlapping.

The report can show losses for one or all drivers, for one or all supervisors, for one or all terminals, or for one or all fleets. It can be limited to a detail listing or a recap of totals or it can include both. Reserve totals can be included or removed from the listing in the event that the report is to be given to an individual who has no business knowing what the reserve amounts are.

Loss Runs With Cutoff Dates - All loss runs can be generated with a reserve and payment cutoff date. This allows a snapshot of claims as they appeared on any given date. An example of this could be a report which is run on 2/15/98 which shows all occurrences that occurred between 1/1/97 and 12/31/97 which ignores all reserve and payment activity since 12/31/97. This allows year-end reporting for any year at any time, even if you need to look back several years to get a point in time valuation on a past group of claims.

 Loss By Day of Week - Accident Frequency and Service Broken down by day of week.

Automated Loss Triangle Extractions Into Excel

In addition to these, ad hoc reports are very simple to do from this type of database. There are several easy to use report writers available which will give you good control even when you need specialized or one time reports. The standard reports are built using a tool called Crystal Reports. We provide the source to our reports so they can be easily modified to your specifications by your staff or by ours.

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