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In addition to the driver shortage there are also a shortages of trained recruiters and effective recruiting department management.

The IEG recruiting software is the most complete tool available for driver recruiting but it is no better than a spreadsheet and word processor if its features are not implemented and the data it collects is not analyzed.

Therefore…IEG offers the best training available for both recruiters and recruiting department managers. Our associates are longtime IEG users and in addition to being experienced recruiters, recruiting department managers, and company executives. The training they offer will not only equip your department to use the software, but how to integrate the software and hone your department’s processes.


Elizabeth Diehl can be contacted for user training and software integration:
Phone: 281-658-9521

Steve Prelipp can be contacted for management training and software integration:
Phone: 888-818-7835
Cell: 919-630-4353
Fax: 919-933-9108

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