Risk Management Features

Pre-Claim Register

Risk Manager C/S provides a pre-claim register to allows the logging and assessment of any report without actually creating a claim. All basic information like date, time and description can be collected and reviewed prior to the report being established as a claim and assigned to an adjuster.

Litigation Tracking

All the basic aspects of litigation can be attached to any litigated claim. This provides for the tracking of such things as performance of defense council, averages awards to claimants, reserve factors or loss triangles.

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Risk Management Reports

Outstanding Reserves - The outstanding reserve report list all outstanding reserves within a date range and a reserve range for any or all companies within the system.

OSHA Log - The OSHA log is an report which pulls together the data from worker injury and work restriction files. This report is compliant in both format and content to satisfy OSHA.

Average Time From Occurrence To Report - The Average Time From Occurrence To Report listing allows you to see how long it is taking report an accident.

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Risk Management Screen Shots